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A to Z : Questions for your photographer



Talk to your photographer about your expectations - seen something you like? Then let them know. Not sure what you want, ask for ideas and options.


Bridal preparation shots

Think about what time your hairdresser will be with you if these shots are important to you. Set aside the things that are special to you e.g. shoes, perfume, jewellery, garter



Ask for a clear letter of agreement that sets out what is included in the package options and the associated costs including when the deposit and balance needs to be paid



Think about bridal preparation, groom preparations, ceremony, formal portraits, reportage coverage, cutting of the cake, first dances. Get a clear view of the photographers approach and how long they will be with you.



Ask your photographer how they will work with you to capture the key groups and those shots you would really like from your day.



No matter how much planning you put into your day, something will come up. Go with it, who knows - the outcome might work in your favour. If you are getting married in Scotland - it may rain.



How public do you want your images to be, and when will they be available. Does your photographer give you password protected galleries?



Your photographer most likely won't know your family, consider who can work with the photographer when you are having those formal family portraits done.



Public liability and professional indemnity insurance is required in some venues and pretty much expected of professional photographers. Ask your photographer if they are insured.


Journey times

When planning your day, think about how much time you need to allow for photographs and any travel time if you are moving between locations.


Killer Heels

Think about what you will do if the ground is soft. If your wedding shoes are special for you, consider having a pair of shoes you don't mind sinking in (of a similar height to your wedding shoes) or maybe high heel protectors.


Location knowledge

Has your photographer covered a wedding at the location previously? Do they have images they can show you? Ask how they normally prepare for a venue they have not covered before?


Make up

Pack a little bag for your bridesmaid or your mum to have to hand with top up make up.



Make sure the people who need to be able to contact each other have shared their contact details and numbers. No one want delays or issues, but be prepared in case they happen



Hardly a week goes by without a supplier having a new presentation option or album option. Ask your photographer what options they can provide as mementos for parents or loved ones.


Pre-wedding shoots

A great way to get to know your photographer. Talk about what you would like from your wedding photographs and what you don't want. A good opportunity to have some fun images taken and to talk through any concerns you have.


Quick turnaround

Ask your photographer when your images will be ready, how will they be presented to you and when you can expect your album.



Does your photographer have a customer feedback page? If so, read through the comments. You decide, do you think the photographer has provided a service that is more than just taking photographs.


Social Media

Will you receive your digital images in High resolution format and in smaller file sizes for sharing on social media?



Time to get pragmatic and think how all your plans and hopes will come to fruition. Think through your day, your photographer may have some good tips to be aware of and agree how long you want to spend getting photographs taken. A wedding is a celebration after all - not a photo shoot.



Might seem a strange one - but will your venue have brollies for guests if they are being moved around across buildings.



Colour, Black and White, Sepia - what's your personal preference and style, make sure your photographer is aware.


Wet weather plan

It's sad but true; sometimes it rains - even in the summer. So, take a moment to plan for dreich. It can happen, have a plan, discuss with your photographer how they will handle and what your options are for coverage if the sun forgets to come out to play.



What does your package include, be clear what coverage you have. Consider extras such as parent albums or signing frames. Are your images copyright free? What is the cost structure for prints or canvases?


Your special day

You may well have spent a great deal of time considering special details, by working with you photographer you can make sure these are considered in the coverage of your day.



No time for sleeping - That's for later

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